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see QatarQatar
or Katar
, officially State of Qatar, independent emirate (2015 est. pop. 2,482,000), c.4,400 sq mi (11,400 sq km), E Arabia, coextensive with the Qatar peninsula, which projects into the Persian Gulf. The capital and largest city is Doha.
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, Katar
a state in E Arabia, occupying a peninsula in the Persian Gulf: under Persian rule until the 19th century; became a British protectorate in 1916; declared independence in 1971; exports petroleum and natural gas. Official language: Arabic. Official religion: (Sunni) Muslim. Currency: riyal. Capital: Doha. Pop.: 619 000 (2004 est.). Area: about 11 000 sq. km (4250 sq. miles)
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January 7, 2016 (WAU) - Two people were killed in South Sudan's newly-created Wau state after cattle keepers clashed with farmers from Jur River county on Wednesday.
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December 13, 2015 (WAU) - Wildlife authorities in South Sudan's Western Bahr el Ghazal state said they have launched an investigation into the unlawful killing of the state's oldest hippopotamus at the bank of River Jur on Tuesday.
Last week, Wau state youth demanded that Jur River county takes over the governorship.
During the march, Raga county officials urged their Jur River and Wau county counterparts to support the move for Raga to be a separate entity from Lol state.
In February, the Egyptian government earmarked $2 billion for the construction of a multi-purpose hydro electricity power project on Jur River in Western Bahr el Ghazal.
Residents from Western Bahr el Ghazal state of Jur River county inhabited by Jur-chol community, claimed that the president's cattle were denied right of settlement in Atur village of Wadho-Lelo payam after the state government failed to convince the local residents.