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or Jurjan
, town (1991 pop. 162,468), N Iran, E of the Caspian Sea. The surrounding region yields abundant grain and has extensive forests and marshes. Items of trade include carpets.
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, town, Iran.
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102) Perceiving Qabus's unwillingness to cooperate, Adud al-Dawla wrote to the caliph al-Ta'i' requesting that his brother Mu'ayyid al-Dawla be given the command over the territories of Jurjan and Tabaristan that had been ruled by Qabus.
The four leaders marched toward Jurjan in Ramadan 371/February-March 982 and began a siege of Astarabadh that lasted more than two months.
He was born in Bukhara, although some say Jurjan, in the year 338 AH and died in 403.
It was presented by Steve Stoffel and Jurjan Wouda Kuipers.
Ghazali studied fiqh in his home town under a Sufi named Ahmad al-Radhakani; he then traveled to Jurjan and studied under Isma'il b.
35) He does not include some of the details of Ghazali's life that we gather from other sources, namely his trip to Jurjan and the sequence of his leaving Baghdad to al-Sham (Greater Syria) and Mecca.
See under risidan-i Hisam al-Dula Abu al-'Abbas Tash bi Jurjan, p.
By the dating of derivative works Brown is able roughly to trace the process of communal ratification, and to show that it was first in Nishapur (for Muslim), then in Jurjan (for al-Bukhari), then, ultimately, in Baghdad where scholars validated and revered these works.
Regional loyalty, a rise of the novel Shafiq doctrine, the development of Baghdad as a center of scholarship, the construction of scholarly networks linking Baghdad to Jurjan and Nishapur (p.
In some modern Studies Musa's dispatch "to distant Jurjan," where he was based for the campaign, can appear as a minor provincial governorship, or even as evidence of his father's disfavor: Abbott, Two Queens, 69; Kennedy, Early Abbasid Caliphate, 107, but cf.
194] It appears that the family's presence in Jurjan and Dihistan was well established prior to Sul's time, so one ought not exaggerate its Turkish identity or affiliation.
Here is Marw, where the situation has deteriorated as much as it did; and [now] the people of Jurjan are flocking to them.