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What Fujitsu Laboratories has developed is a platform for running simulations that allows for cycle-level simulations with low system overhead, based on a just-in-time compiler.
0 includes new productivity wizards that streamline the development and deployment of Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs), a new and improved Java compiler, Just-in-Time compiler and debugger.
Inprise/Borland customers will be able to take advantage of the latest Java 2 platform, including new IBM technology such as a just-in-time compiler and re-engineered Java 2 virtual machine.
The kit includes a Java Virtual Machine (JVM), a just-in-time compiler and a mixed mode interpreter.
At the same time, Microsoft added an enhanced version of its JIT just-in-time compiler, which it claims will keep its performance lead of 30% compared with the "most recent offerings" from its competitors.
Symantec's suite of Java development tools and products include Symantec's Just-In-Time Compiler, Visual Cafe for Java Enterprise Suite, Visual Cafe for Java 2.
NET-compliant components, including a C# compiler, a Common Language Runtime just-in-time compiler and a growing set of class libraries, including ASP.
IBM has also hinted that a just-in-time compiler is in the works, which will not only compile Java but which should improve its comparatively sluggish performance.
TurboJ is not another just-in-time compiler," said Vania Joboloff, Java program manager at The Open Group.
Sun Licenses Symantec's Just-In-Time Compiler for Inclusion in Java(TM)
announced partnership to license the Symantec Just-in-Time compiler for
NET compliant components, including a C# (pronounced C-sharp) compiler, a Common Language Runtime just-in-time compiler, a precise garbage collection (GC) system based on the Intel(R) Open Runtime Platform (ORP) and a full suite of class libraries, the Mono Project will enable developers to create .