Harold Hitz Burton

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Burton, Harold Hitz,

1888–1964, associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (1945–58), b. Jamaica Plain (now part of Boston), Mass. Admitted to the bar in 1912, he built a prosperous law practice in Cleveland and taught law (1923–25) at Western Reserve Univ. (now Case Western Reserve Univ.). He later served as a representative (1929–31) in the Ohio state assembly and as a reform mayor (1935–40) of Cleveland. As U.S. Senator (1941–45), Burton vigorously pressed for U.S. participation in the United Nations. Appointed by President Harry S. Truman to the Supreme Court, he firmly supported the decisions overturning racial segregation in schools and public transportation.
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Mr Justice Sales, who is a judge in the High Court of Justice, joins Mr Justice Burton who was appointed as President last October and 7 other senior members of the legal profession.
But appeal judge Mr Justice Burton, sitting with Lady Justice Macur and Judge Richard Griffith-Jones, said there was enough evidence to let the jury decide for themselves.
But, if the whole site is not cleared by September 10, the prison sentence will be activated, Mr Justice Burton ruled.
The judge, sitting with Mr Justice Burton and Sir Geoffrey Grigson, added: "The appellant set out, in the middle of the night, to confront a man against whom he had an irrational grievance.
However, Mr Justice Burton ruled that, as the information given to the council's ruling body about local public open space and circular walks had been inaccurate, the decision was invalid.
Mr Justice Burton said the victim and his teenage girlfriend were in a shop in Upper Spon Street, Spon End, when O'Sullivan approached them in October last year, shouting abuse at the boy and grabbing his arm.
In his judgement, Justice Burton stated that, "The claimant's case in proved".
Mr Justice Burton agreed that consumers should have the right to choose their own lawyer and that insurers could not refuse to pay just because rates are deemed too high.
Lord Justice Sullivan and Mr Justice Burton declared that, as a result, no lawful limits were in place for two tiers of job applicants from abroad.
In the ruling, Lord Justice Sullivan and Justice Burton concluded that the home secretary had not gone through the proper parliamentary procedures before implementing the cap, which took effect without a vote in parliament.
Lord Justice Sullivan and Mr Justice Burton said of the Home Secretary: "She was attempting to sidestep provisions for parliamentary scrutiny.
Lord Justice Sullivan and Mr Justice Burton said Home Secretary Theresa May had unlawfully attempted to "side-step parliamentary scrutiny" when setting a temporary cap on non-EU visa numbers.
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