Samuel Nelson

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Nelson, Samuel

(1792–1873) Supreme Court justice; born in Hebron, N.Y. A supporter of women's suffrage and a long-time friend of James Fenimore Cooper, he sat as a judge on the Circuit Court (1823–31) and Supreme Court (1831–45) of New York before President John Tyler named him to the U.S. Supreme Court (1845–51).
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NELSON Mandela You lived a long life And changed the world The flag is unfurled Nelson Mandela You spent years in prison You said Complete Forgiveness is the best way Forward Nelson Mandela You met many famous People You stayed humble and kind There is a statue in London Of you and people pay Tribute You changed ideas About colour and race About equality and justice Nelson Mandela You were for the people A voice crying out You are in the sunshine You are in the rain You know about Suffering and pain Nelson Mandela You came to Earth To set people free.
After the sentencing judge Mr Justice Nelson said he was a "danger to young girls".
Sentencing her to life, Mr Justice Nelson told her: "This was a cold, calculated offence - a chilling murder.
Detaining Welch in a Young Offenders' Institution for five years and three months, Mr Justice Nelson told her another person had been carrying out the attack but she participated.
Detaining Welch in a Young Offenders' Institution for five years and three months, Judge Mr Justice Nelson told her another person had carried out the violent attack but she had participated.
Counsel told Mr Justice Nelson that if the case had gone to trial, the woman's factual evidence would have been inconsistent with contemporaneous medical notes.
The judge, Mr Justice Nelson, told Lawson it was clear to him that 'no help was immediately available' for his mentally ill daughter.
We think the sentence here was severe, but having reflected on all the circumstances, we are not of the view the sentence can be described as manifestly excessive," said Mr Justice Nelson, sitting with Mr Justice Bell.
Mr Justice Nelson said: "To play back in the mind the final moments of his life chills the blood.
Even more startling is the fact that the man who allegedly made the call, State Supreme Court Justice Nelson H.
Mr Justice Nelson spent weeks studying the papers submitted by Morris's lawyers in his defence.