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in the Bible. 1 Surname of Joseph BarsabasJoseph Barsabas, Saint
, surnamed Justus, Matthias' competitor for the place among the disciples left vacant by Judas Iscariot. Lots were drawn, and Matthias won. Feast: July 20.
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. 2 or Titus Justus, Corinthian host of St. Paul. 3 Jesus Justus: see JesusJesus,
in the Bible. 1 Jesus Christ, see Jesus. 2 Son of Sirach, author of Ecclesiasticus. 3 Jesus Justus, converted Jew in Rome. 4 Hero of the book of Joshua.
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So with Solomon, Fons turbatus, et vena corrupta, est justus cadens in causa sua coram adversario.
5 NATURE by scientists at the Institute of Virology at the Justus Liebig University in Giessen and the Institute of Hygiene at the University of Koln.
Justus implemented his unique supplier rating system in 2004 to achieve a concept he calls "channel alignment," where all parties within the supply chain are operating together to support David Weekley Homes.
And it's-- it's mind boggling to me that some man would go have sex with a 14 year-old and pay two hundred dollars because she's 14," said Sergeant Doug Justus, of the Portland Police Bureau.
The World of Justus Lipsius: A Contribution Towards his Intellectual Biography
Survivors include her mother, Alma Stumbaugh; daughter, Laura Justus; sons, James Justus and Joshua Cano; brother, Timothy Stumbaugh; sister, Patsy Brodel; and three grandchildren.
We are pleased that the PSC agreed with our assessment of this much-needed transmission line," said Sarah Justus, ATC local relations manager.
B) modernization of public address~ systems (central equipment) in the Justus Lipsius Building and works to modify the facilities in the Justus Lipsuis and Lex Buildings;
9, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Clothing manufacturer and e-tailer, The JUSTUS Clothing Company, is pleased to announce its recently launched 1-4-1 Program.
Bill Justus, vice president of supply chain services for David Weekley Homes, explains the philosophy behind the survey.
Juan Luis Vives's Somnium Vivis, a brief preface to his commentary on Macrobius's Somnium Scipionis, is an early example of this satirical dream narrative, and in the later part of the century the most influential proponent of the form would be Justus Lipsius, whose Somnium pillories academic pedantry in the editing (or mangling) of classical texts.
On Monday morning, an unidentified man with whom the boy was traveling told O'Donnell that he was going out for coffee and abandoned him at the Seven West Motel, according to the motel clerk, Margaret Justus.