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in the Bible. 1 Surname of Joseph BarsabasJoseph Barsabas, Saint
, surnamed Justus, Matthias' competitor for the place among the disciples left vacant by Judas Iscariot. Lots were drawn, and Matthias won. Feast: July 20.
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. 2 or Titus Justus, Corinthian host of St. Paul. 3 Jesus Justus: see JesusJesus,
in the Bible. 1 Jesus Christ, see Jesus. 2 Son of Sirach, author of Ecclesiasticus. 3 Jesus Justus, converted Jew in Rome. 4 Hero of the book of Joshua.
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So with Solomon, Fons turbatus, et vena corrupta, est justus cadens in causa sua coram adversario.
By JUSTUS WANGA GEORGE SAYAGIEbrNarok has been cut off as a result of heavy rains in the Rift Valley region.
Point Of Contact(S): Justus Klink, Contract Specialist
Susan joined Coulter & Justus in 2001 and has over 20 years of accounting experience.
Justus Smith stunned his parents when he started reading from books without either giving him lessons.
An attorney for the defendants, Craig Justus of the Van Winkle Law Firm in Asheville, said that the issue of specific performance and a motion for judgment notwithstanding the verdict will be heard, likely in February.
Area police boss Justus Kitetu declined to give the name of the victim until next of kin are informed.
The World XI team visiting Pakistan includes Rob Reckers, Roderick Weusthof, Philip Meulenbroek, Hidde Turksta from Netherlands, Santi Freixa, Juan Escarre, Roc Oliva and David Alegre from Spain, Grant Schubert from Australia, Benni Wess and Justus Scharowsky from Germany, Emmanuel Stockbroekx from Belgium, Augustin Bugallo, Deigo Paz and Nahuel Salis from Argentina.
Justus Kavoi is a socio-economist and extension specialist based at the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization ALRO) Katumani Research Centre.
In this title, Simona Piattoni and Justus Sch|nlau investigate the ways in which the European Committee of Regions (CoR) can and has influenced the making of EU policy.
Der Publizist Christian Daniel Schubart (1739-1791) ruhmte im Jahr 1774 den Osnabrucker Rechtsgelehrten und Schriftsteller Justus Moser (1720-1794) als denjenigen "unter uns Deutschen mit der grossten Anlage zu einem Hume" (30).