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, Dan. Jylland, Ger. Jütland, peninsula, c.250 mi (400 km) long and up to 110 mi (177 km) wide, N Europe, comprising continental Denmark and N Schleswig-Holstein state, Germany.
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, peninsula, Denmark.
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The latter was again an innovation closely linked to the restrictions of the ferry operation, in that it allowed quick coupling and splitting of the individual units to minimise time losses and allow a fast, direct service to different destinations in Jylland.
During the second phase Oslo would be connected to the Jylland region in the western part of Denmark.
As Hannay has written, Kierkegaard's Either/Or can be read as covering "the spectrum of arbitrary self-love, erotic love, and marital love, and Judge William ends with a borrowed sermon from the Jylland pastor on the love of God" (Kierkegaard, Works x).
The story in her latest novel (now in its third printing) concerns a young doctor who purchases a practice in a small village in Jylland.
In Ebeltoft - also about 30 minutes from Aarhus - is the restored 19th century warship Fregatten Jylland sitting proudly in the harbour.
In the gusty, bitingly cold Ebeltoft harbor was the historic frigate Jylland, a sailing ship with three masts.
In northern Jylland, Norstral Minerals Ltd achieved a concessionary contract with the National Agency for Nature and Forests for heavy mineral exploration in an ancient raised beach ridge system of some 20 [km.