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thermal conductance

The time rate of flow of heat through a unit area of material from one of the faces of the material to the other, for a unit temperature difference between the two faces, under steady-state conditions.
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Amer Bin Ahmed, Managing Director of Knauf GCC and India, explained: "From the very beginning, Knauf has been practicing four main values, known as K-Values.
For the purpose of this evaluation, significance was defined as having the absolute value of the effect on the K-value greater than 20% from the control value.
The goal was to establish a primary standard and determine a K-value for NIST chamber "A" so that future calibrations could be linked to the primary standard.
Although global prediction is slightly superior to the near-neighbor predictions setted in this work, actually, the better K-value of near neighbors might also exists.
Screw rotational K-value (without K-value (with speed (rpm) breaker plate) (%) breaker plate) (%) 20 0 17.
K-Value Chain Solutions is said to be a complete financial innovation intended to support airline, cargo and catering businesses in their move towards the international market.
In spite of this, sanded surfaces presented the fastest wetting, as indicated by the lowest wetting time (37 s) and highest k-value (0.
In the laboratory, a K-value depth profile was measured under comparable conditions.
Triple glazing, with coated panels, has a k-value of 0.
AWP used K-factor and K-value to interpret fracture surfaces containing inclusions.