Karl Philipp Moritz

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Moritz, Karl Philipp


Born Sept. 15, 1756, in Hameln; died June 26, 1793, in Berlin. German writer.

Born into a poor family, Moritz lived in Berlin from 1778. He became a professor at the Academy of Arts in 1789. His autobiographical work Anton Reiser (4 vols., 1785–90) is in the tradition of Sturm und Drang social criticism. It provides accurate sketches of the life and mores of different strata of the German burgher class. Moritz also wrote on pedagogy, psychology, aesthetics, and linguistics. He was the author of travel essays and works on the history of mythology.


Schriften zur Ästhetik und Poetik. Tübingen, 1962.
In Russian translation:
Puteshestvie g-na Moritsa po Anglii, parts 1–2. Moscow, 1804.
Puteshestvie nemtsa po Italii s 1786 po 1788 god, parts 1–3. Moscow, 1803–05.


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