Knut Wicksell

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Wicksell, Knut


Born Dec. 20, 1851, in Stockholm, died there May 3, 1926. Swedish economist.

After graduating from the University of Uppsala in 1884, Wicksell taught political economy at the University of Lund from 1900 to 1916. In his studies and research on the theory of value, he attempted to unite the theory of the Austrian school on marginal utility with the mathematical school’s theory of prices. Wicksell is also notable as the author of works on finance, monetary circulation, and credit. His re-searches on the influence of bank credit and the discount rate on the average level of commercial prices and the fluctuation caused by the interplay of market forces were the basis of the so-called credit theory of business conditions. Wicksell also spoke out as an ardent neo-Malthusian.


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