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The obtained values of kads, [N.sub.0] and [X.sub.0] were 0.123 L/mg h, 474.36 mg/L, 1.37 cm, respectively.
An educated guess led me to cracking the code of ATC's double-secret terminal routing when trying to get into Addison (KADS) from the north.
The change in standard free energy of adsorption ([DELTA][G.sup.0.sub.ads]) [37] is related to the adsorption constant (Kads) by the following equation:
The KADS was developed by adolescent mental health specialists, pediatricians and health researchers to assist in the identification and clinical care of Depression in young people aged 12 to 22 (LeBlanc, Almudevar, Brooks, & Kutcher, 2002).
Samples###Surface Coverage ()###Equilibrium Constant of Adsorption (Kads)###Free energy of Adsorption (Gads) (kJ/mol)
For example, the verb lib in Courland Livonian sentence (3) can be connected with the meaning 'be somewhere' and jivas kads 'on the right side' refers to a place.
[20.] Schreiber, G., et al., Knowledge engineering and management--The Common KADS methodology.
Wielinga, 2000, "Knowledge Engineering and Management The Common KADS Methodology," the MIT Press, Massachusetts, Cambridge.
So it does the best it can and connects the last point on the STAR, TILLA, with the next waypoint in the flight plan, KADS. That happens to be a heading of 034.
Ten years later, when Wordsley ADS had casting problems and KADS had unfortunately foundered, he helped out with a role in Book of the Month.