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Kernel Language 1.

An experimental AND-parallel version of KL0 for the ICOT project in Japan. KL1 is an implementation of FGHC.

Not to be confused with KL-ONE.

["Design of the Kernel Language for the Parallel Inference Machine", U. Kazunori et al, Computer J (Dec 1990)].
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I am very proud that we have been able to develop and release our newest table top counter, the KL1 and our KL60 robot in the last 18 months.
Chikayama was chief architect and chief programmer of all the software systems developed at ICOT, including ESP (ICOT's object-oriented version of Prolog), SIMPOS (the operating system and programming environment of ICOT's Prolog workstation, their main workhorse during most of the project), KL1 (the kernel programming language for PIM), and PIMOS (the PIM operating system).
We wanted to develop a fifth-generation kernel language--what we now call KL1.
9 million tonnes to a depth of 100 metres (328 ft) with the two largest pipes KL1 and KL2 having a combined surface area of nine hectares (22 acres).
111) Other broad-spectrum cytokeratins containing keratin 8 and keratin 18, such as clones KL1, OSCAR, MAK6, and 5D3/LP3, are also excellent choices as screening cytokeratins.
In particular, its use of the concurrent LP languages GHC and KL1 to implement PIMOS, the operating system for the parallel-inference machine, PIM, has been a major achievement.
It is the Company's opinion that 16,908,000 tonnes of kimberlite can be expected to a projected depth of 100 metres from the KL1 and KL2 kimberlite pipes.
The alkaline phosphatase anti-alkaline phosphatase method (Dako, Glostrup, Denmark) was used with the following antibodies directed against human cytokeratin KL1 and MNF116: CD45, CD2, CD3, CD5, CD19, CD20, CD79a, CD138 (Syndecan-1), and CD30 antigens; anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK1) protein; EBV latent membrane protein 1; and TIA-1.
At ICOT, the KL1 design group tried to find the best solution to concurrent logic programming languages.
Now 46 and a canoeist she goes for gold in KL1 kayak 200m (1pm).
Immunohistochemical studies were performed by indirect staining methods using antibodies against cytokeratin (clone KL1, 1:50, Immunotech, Marseille, France), vimentin (3B4, 1:100, Dako, Glostrup, Denmark), epithelial membrane antigen (E29, 1:75, Dako), smooth muscle actin (1A4, 1:50, Dako), desmin (D33, 1:20, Dako), S100 protein (polyclonal, 1:200, Dako), neurofilaments (2F11, 1: 75, Dako), CD34 (QBEnd 10, 1:50, Dako), CD117 (polyclonal, 1: 100, Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Santa Cruz, Calif), estrogen receptor (1D5, 1:75, Dako), and progesterone receptor (PR88, 1:40, BioGenex, San Ramon, Calif).