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Earlier the aid under the KLB stood at nearly USD 4.5 billion.
The sources said before the fresh cut the commitments under the KLB stood at nearly $4.5 billion that have now come down to $4.1 billion.
However, when KLB presented an update on the feasibility study already conducted on the ranches, councillors advocated for inclusion of ordinary citizens to own commercial farms.
The officials explained that a new package for financial assistance would also be discussed as KLB act is coming to an end.
Now, more than two years later, the KLB program is in trouble.
In the presence of effervescent Hillary, both started to sing songs of praises in respect of KLB and kept humming till Gen Kayani put a stopper in their mouths reminding them that the so-called generous bill had inbuilt security repercussions.
To be fair to KLB, it isn't the sole or primary cause of tensions between the Presidency and General Headquarters (GHQ).
KLB: So it's not just about father--son, it's about recognizing the other in general.
Nine Dragons takes in considerable recycled paper feedstock to feed the KLB machines, with a heavy dependence on old corrugated containers (OCC) and mixed paper.
Kookmin Bank and Korea Long-Term Credit Bank (KLB) announced a plan Friday to merge into South Korea's largest bank, which will have combined assets totaling about 100 trillion won (about 77 billion dollars).
One example of this is the widely celebrated aid package the Kerry Lugar Berman (KLB) Act to Pakistan.
Chairperson of Kweneng Land Board (KLB) Mr Moemedi Babitseng says they are aiming to hasten the lagging process of land allocation all over the region through the different sub-land boards.