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The State required us to thoroughly document that we had exhausted every community resource and option, which we did, but his doctor was extremely reluctant to sign on for his admission to KNI. After a year of struggles, prayers and convincing, he was admitted to KNI on a temporary basis.
KNI's (Kitchen Needs Inc.) mission is to provide its first product line of dorm products.
A jubilant Kni ght said: ``I just can't tell you the relief.
The Dynapad machine from KNI Incorporated breaks down into two pieces for legal load shipment.
A new, private Greenlandic airline is reportedly being planned by the grocery chain KNI and other Greenlandic businesses.
Great Greenland, a fur and hide company and Pilersuisoq, a retail chain that belongs to the Greenlandic company KNI A/S, are reportedly ready to negotiate a new purchase agreement for hides after the previous deal was terminated by Pilersuisoq last week.
But Microprocessor Report thinks AMD should give up on its own 3DNow multimedia extensions and adopt Intel's KNI or do something more radical like adopting the more powerful Motorola Inc AltiVec instructions.
Otherwise, he is one of three candidates for the number six spot, together with the bang-in-form John Crawley and also Warwickshire's Nick Kni ght.
KNI SIX-INCH WOTAN COMBAT KNIFE Strapped to the thigh for quick access in hand-to-hand combat
Joseph McGar r y, 50, went on his kni fepoint crime spree whi le on parole for an earl ier string of robberies.
But Currie went back to his ship and col lected a kni fe be for e r e t u r n i ng to t he harbourfront bar.
He added: ``We specialise in close up magic, using things like cards, sponge balls, ropes, coins, even kni ves and forks.