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see marsh antelopemarsh antelope,
name for members of a group of deerlike African antelopes, usually found in reeds or tall grasses near water. The males of this group have horns that curve back, up, and forward; females are hornless. Most marsh antelopes travel in small herds.
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The annual movements of white-eared kob, tiang, and Mongalla gazelles in southeastern Sudan likely comprise one of the largest ungulate migrations in the world.
The game list remains limited, and lion and elephant are not on license, but Uganda kob, Nile bushbuck, oribi, bush duiker, warthog, and bushpig are generally well distributed.
Nine elephants, 12 tiang antelopes and 12 white-eared kob antelopes were anesthetized from a helicopter and then collared, Elkan said.
Gerhard KoB je najveci dio svojih radova o hrematonimima posvetio imenima lijekova i porculanskih proizvoda (tri rada u ovom zborniku obraduju farmakonime, a jedan imena porculanskih proizvoda).
The recent WCS survey revealed the continued presence of elephants, ostriches, lions, leopards, hippos, buffalos, and spotted oryx, as well as an estimated 1.3 million kob, tiang antelope, and gazelle.
Kob is a convincing villain, but Farish is less successful conveying the reality of her male characters who aren't envenomed.
The Australian-born Intendant of Komische Oper Berlin (KOB) is direct in his opinions about music, art, the possibilities therein, and the evolution of each.
5.What type of animal is a kob? 6.Eisoptrophobia is the irrational fear of which household items?
Una Assembly seat represents all villages of the taluka, except Kansariya, Jamvala, Bhakha, Thordi, Babariya, Sanvav, Jaragli, Ankolali, Panderi, Dhrabavad, Velakot, Jhanjhariya, Sonpura, Bhiyal, Bodidar, Kaneri, Maghardi, Ambavad, Kanakiya, Simasi, Ranvasi, Bhebha, Madhgam, Revad, Lerka, Chikhli, Sokhda, Kajardi, Kob, Bhingran and Tad.
Duran reportedly told police it was the third time he'd been attacked by members of the KKK, according to KOB.