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see marsh antelopemarsh antelope,
name for members of a group of deerlike African antelopes, usually found in reeds or tall grasses near water. The males of this group have horns that curve back, up, and forward; females are hornless. Most marsh antelopes travel in small herds.
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KOB is also being recognized as a Diamond Level Affiliate, which is the highest level a state affiliate can reach.
Eatterns of Mongalla gazelles, owever, are unknown in the area, but the species seems to exist in areas between the kob and tiang migrations.
The game list remains limited, and lion and elephant are not on license, but Uganda kob, Nile bushbuck, oribi, bush duiker, warthog, and bushpig are generally well distributed.
Nine elephants, 12 tiang antelopes and 12 white-eared kob antelopes were anesthetized from a helicopter and then collared, Elkan said.
Gerhard KoB je najveci dio svojih radova o hrematonimima posvetio imenima lijekova i porculanskih proizvoda (tri rada u ovom zborniku obraduju farmakonime, a jedan imena porculanskih proizvoda).
They are certainly also questions elicited by many of the works of the authors interviewed, and perhaps, as KOB and the interviews themselves imply, their importance lies in the asking, and the very multiplicity of possible responses: "lo mas cerca del sentido es la busqueda" (12).
Adams, who was handed a bye in the first round, admitted she was suffering from ring rust as she achieved a unanimous points win over Ukraine's Tetyana Kob.
I've actually enjoyed being in a competition with Kob, Kob is gonna bring the best out of you and when you play against the best, you gotta be at your best and anytime I'm pushed like that I have nothing but respect for you.
Another local media KOB reported six workers were taken to an area hospital for smoke inhalation and were discharged a short while later.
3 million white-eared kob, tiang antelope and Mongalla gazelle in Southern Sudan, plus 8,000 elephants.