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* MADKit: El ACL o Lenguaje de Comunicacion entre agentes que soporta es KQML, y al igual que la plataforma Jack, soporta cualquier tipo de agentes.
Pan, "KQML Realization Algorithms for Agent Communication", in Proceedings of the 5th World Congress on Intelligent Control and Automation, 2004, pp.
The Knowledge Query and Manipulation Language (KQML) is another important milestone of ACL, developed as part of the DARPA Knowledge Sharing Effort (KSE) [3, 13].
Draft specification of the KQML agent communication language plus example agent policies and architectures.
For example, the Knowledge Query and Manipulation Language (KQML) can be used to allow information agents to assert interests in information services, advertise their own services, and explicitly delegate tasks or requests for assistance from other agents.
The two most notable ones are KQML and FIPA ACL [24], each using a slightly different syntax and set of communicative acts.
2001, Elahi and Cox 2003) is an independent state-space planning agent that uses a predefined communication protocol represented in KQML to accept planning requests and to return a sequence of actions that achieve the planning goals.
A common query language, such as KQML, is typically used as a means of communication among the components.
The particular distributed agent architecture we are using evolved from our RoboTA distributed coaching system (Forbus and Kuehne 1998), which uses KQML (Labrou and Finin 1997) as a communication medium between agents.
To support this phase, we have adopted existing agent communication languages such as FIPA-ACL [20] or KQML [11]; also message transportation mechanisms and other related concepts and tools.
Collaboration between the agents is facilitated by a language called PYTHIA-Talk that is based on the KQML model of agent communication [4].