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Kent Recursive Calculator.

A lazy functional language developed by David Turner in 1981 based on SASL, with pattern matching and ZF expressions.

["Functional Programming and its Applications", David A. Turner, Cambridge U Press 1982].

See also continental drift.
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Madam Seema Mughal, Vice Chancellor - Greenwich University, shared that KRC is a step towards the realization of Quaid's dream of a democratic State, a welfare economy, and a pluralistic society - also reiterated in Pakistan's Vision 2025.
In addition, KRC had four projects totaling approximately 1.
The CS asked SCEA, KSAA to work closely with KRC, KPA, KRA and other partners involved in cargo handling at the ICD to provide a seamless service to cargo owners in the country and in Eastern Africa region generally.
The KRC Act enables the government to contribute 100% of authorised capital, provide discretionary guarantees on repayment obligations for issued bonds, expand KORAIL's debt capacity to 5x from 2x the sum of its paid-in-capital and reserves, support 50% of railway-car purchase costs and provide asset contributions, such as station facilities.
Later on Chairman PARC and Director General KRC Korea have signed Minutes of Discussion (MoD) between PARC and KRC Korea for cooperation between both organizations in manufacturing of high efficiency irrigation system for ground and flood water management, developing Korean Technology Park in NARC, Korean assistance in developing small dams in Pakistan, soybean and strawberry production technologies, sharing Korean Agricultural Policy experience, cooperation for manufacturing small and medium size agricultural machinery and equipment including for value addition in agricultural products, and capacity building of Pakistani scientists and strengthening of Pakistani R and D institutes.
This shows that research scholars to the use of information in KRC.
The KRC also criticized the government for failing to pass a long-awaited traffic law, which is expected to combat the alarming number of road deaths and accidents.
For instance, an Erie, PA, locomotive manufacturer placed an order with KRC to find and rebuild a manual VTL.
Diaz, 30, hadn't tried kart racing until he took his first class at KRC three months ago.
Consumers shopping for furniture want quality, not just the lowest prices in town, according to two independent and informal surveys, one conducted by Arbek Furniture, a West Coast furniture maker, and the other by KRC Online, a New York-based market research firm.
In 1988, the KRC issued Revenue Policy 41P225 to disallow combined returns in all but a few cases.