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Customers flying the Pride of Africa will now be able to make ticket payments using Pesalink for amounts up to Ksh 999,999.
Total expenditures on FP from government and development partners in the two counties (expressed in millions or M) were: KSh 141.
Entry is Ksh 800 for adults (about PS6) and Ksh 400 (PS3) for children for non-residents.
8 million euros in January, KSH said in a statement.
L'annee derniere, une somme de Ksh 1,3 million fut ressemblee suivant une initiative semblable et elle a permis a quatre membres de poursuivre et de terminer leurs etudes superieures.
According to the latest data from the KSH, new construction permits issued for residential buildings grew by 27.
Entry Level CV - (Less than 3 years working experience): Ksh 1,000
The top gainers were ADNC, KSH, ARGAN, MANAZEL and PAPCO, while the top volume shares were ADNC, INVESTORS, GFH, MAYADEEN and ALMADINA.
Barclays is now also targeting anybody earning over Ksh 10,000 ($150) monthly to apply for a credit card, down from the Ksh22,000 ($330) required a year ago.
She added that the KSH was honored as it joined the VSA, an international organization on arts and disability, 20 years ago and played an effective role in supporting the handicapped through arts.
During August, foreign capital has flowed out of fixed-income and equity markets, as the Ksh plummeted to a low of 71.