KVM switch

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KVM switch

(1) See also KVM.

(2) (Keyboard Video Mouse switch) A device used to connect a keyboard, mouse and monitor to two or more computers. KVM switches are deployed to control a group of servers, as well as to save desktop space when multiple computers are used by one user. Switches may have standard VGA, DVI, USB, mouse and keyboard sockets, while others use a custom combination cable that plugs into one socket on the switch.

KVM Over Longer Distances
To extend the distance up to several hundred feet between the user and computers, the keyboard, video and mouse plug into a "KVM extender," which is cabled to its counterpart unit at the computer. Some KVM switches support terminals at both ends of the connection, allowing local and remote access to all of the machines.

KVM devices can also control machines across the Internet or attached to the LAN. Software in the client PC converts keyboard, video and mouse signals into IP packets that are sent over the network. At the receiving end, the IP-based KVM switch is cabled to the computers. With an IP-to-KVM device, which converts IP packets to KVM signals, regular KVM switches can be used in an IP network.

KVM Switches and Cables
StarTech.com makes the StarView line of KVM switches. The KVM cables shown here combine keyboard, monitor and mouse cables into one for less clutter. These units control, four, eight and 16 computers.

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The global KVM switch market has been segmented into type, user type, organization size, vertical, and region.
KVM switches can be bought for as little as [pounds sterling]10 over the internet.
Belkin addresses this by making the Secure DisplayPort KVM Switch the first to support up to four monitors on one system.
The DisplayPort Computer Access Module (CAM) enables the CATx and CATxIP range of KVM switches together with the ADDERLink X200 extender to connect directly to a dual-mode DisplayPort interface.
Established in 1979, ATEN is today considered the leading manufacturer of KVM Switches worldwide.
Because of this level of guaranteed access, the effective price-per-remote server is considerably lower than standard IP-enabled KVM switch offerings.
Cyclades Corporation has introduced the AlterPath KVM/netPlus family of KVM switches at the Microsoft Tech-Ed Conference.
Here's how the switch works: You plug your keyboard, video monitor and mouse into the KVM switch and then run cables (which are included) to each computer.
A KVM switch lets you connect more than one computer to the same monitor (V) and lets you control the computers with a single keyboard (K) and mouse (M).When you upgrade to a new computer, you can keep the old desktop and connect both machines to the same monitor and keyboard.
The RMD-515 and RMD-815 are two new models of the industrial-grade KVM switch. The RMD-515 consists of a monitor, keyboard, and touch-pad mouse unit for use with a single computer.
Users can access all levels of PC control, from CMOS settings to power cycling servers, connected with either a Cybex KVM switch or other keyboard- controlled KVM switch.