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(5) Los terminos de alta frecuencia (25% superior) por politica son sometidos a un analisis automatico KWic en el software scp.
The KWIC would have displayed these concordance lines for the dissent's search returns of "information." (140) As discussed previously, from the KWIC display, the user can generate a random sample of 100, 200, 500, or 1,000 concordance lines and then review that sample to avoid the process of reviewing every single line.
The concordance-based group received concordance-based materials in KWIC format which presented phrasal verbs in the middle of the concordances.
* KWIC index review vocabulary: By the KWIC index, learners can find out the specific content in the full text, and it will be better for students to achieve the construction and consolidation of language knowledge.
Free-breathing dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI of the abdomen and chest using a radial gradient echo sequence with K-space weighted image contrast (KWIC).
The new version of KWIC includes built-in connectivity services for several of the most popular databases globally including MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB and Redis, making simple, secure hybrid cloud deployment available to millions of users around the world.
Out of the seven evaluated systems, three (AntConc V3.2.4, KWIC V5.0, and Khawas V3.0) provide collocation information based on different methods.
A KWIC Concordance to Samuel Beckett's Trilogy: Molloy, Malone Dies, and The Unnamable.
Daniel Riffe categoriza las tecnicas de analisis de contenido a traves del ordenadores en siete categorias: Frecuencias de palabras, analisis KWIC (palabras clave en contexto), concordancia, diccionarios, estructura del lenguaje, estructura de legibilidad, inteligencias artificial y analisis de contenido dinamico.
(84) A second approach is to analyze keywords in context (KWIC) based on the idea that certain keywords, key concepts, and ideas can indicate where an individual, document, or organization lies ideologically.
This improved online access to the transportation services of KWIC Airport Connection, Inc.
Quantitative techniques of content analysis were used, however, primarily through the analysis of word counts and key word in context (KWIC) analysis using MAXQDAplus text analysis software (Verbi GmbH, 2011).