Cape Colony

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Cape Colony:

see Cape ProvinceCape Province,
former province, S South Africa. Under the South African constitution of 1994 it was divided into Eastern Cape, Western Cape, Northern Cape, and part of a fourth province, North West.
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Cape Colony


(Dutch Kaapkolonie, from Kaap de Goede Hoop), a Dutch and later an English possession in Southern Africa.

Cape Colony was founded in 1652 on the Cape of Good Hope by the Dutch East India Company. In 1795 it was seized by Great Britain; from 1803 to 1806 it again came under the control of the Dutch, but in 1806 it was again captured by Great Britain. The Cape Colony territory continued to expand at the expense of the Africans’ lands (Bushmen, Hottentots, and Bantu). By 1894, after a number of aggressive wars waged by Boer and English colonizers (Kaffrarian wars), the Cape Colony’s eastern border had reached the Umtamvuna River. In 1895 the southern part of Bechuanaland, annexed in 1884—85, was included in the colony. Cape Colony was made a part of the Union of South Africa after the creation of the latter in 1910 (Republic of South Africa after 1961).


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Cape Colony

the name from 1652 until 1910 of the former Cape Province of South Africa
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Behalve de hiervoor genoemde bijdragen--die voor het merendeel afkomstig waren van wetenschappers in ZuidAfrika --zijn er ook vanuit Nederland artikelen gepubliceerd over het Nederlandse literaire leven in de Kaapkolonie en is er onderzoek gedaan naar Nederlandse tijdschriften in Zuid-Afrika.
In die Kaapkolonie van 1904 skep Grove ook 'n milieu wat gekenmerk word deur die hierargiese verdelings van klas en geslag.