Kabbalah and Astrology

Kabbalah and Astrology

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Astrology is often called “the mother of science” because of its ancient roots and allembracing qualities. The symbolism used in astrology contains all basic spiritual and esoteric principles. In the Kabbalah, which contains ancient esoteric Jewish teachings, astrological symbolism is used to explain how the structures of universe and men are established.

A very important model used in Kabbalistic teaching is the Tree of Life, which was already used during the era of, or maybe even before, ancient Egypt. The Kabbalistic teaching had worked out this energetic model that shows how the universe came into existence. The different “branches” of the Tree show the stages of this development and provides a view and a key to understanding how the universe is composed. “As above, as below” is a well-known ancient saying, meaning that what happens in macrocosmos reflects in the microcosmos. Therefore, the Tree of Life also shows the structure of a human being from his most divine to his most earthly aspects. It is possible to overlay the personal astrological chart on the Tree to gain insight into these personal levels and how they impact daily life. Combining personal astrology with Kabbalah deepens and enlarges the insights in the soul.

—Lea Manders

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