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(self-designation, Jingphaw, or Chingpaw), a people inhabiting the forested mountain regions of northern Burma (the national states of Kachin and Shan). Population, about 400, 000 (1967, estimate). About 100, 000 Kachins also live in southwestern China, and there are small groups in northeastern India, Thailand, and Laos. The Kachins are divided into a number of ethnic groups speaking the Kachin language. They have preserved their traditional religious beliefs, ancestor worship and animism; a small number are Christians or Buddhists.

The ancestors of the Kachins inhabited eastern Tibet. They apparently first appeared on the territory of present-day Burma in the eighth century, although the main migration occurred later, between the 13th and 17th centuries. Early feudal relations combined with vestiges of primitive communal relations survived among the Kachins until the mid-20th century. Their chief occupation is slash-and-burn farming, with hill rice as the main crop. Their autonomous status within the Union of Burma has contributed to their ethnic solidarity and economic and cultural development.


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During an inspection tour in Kachin state On 16 March 2014, U Thein Sein promised to build a free and open society that encourages full participation of all national races, the state-run newspaper said.
dollars in assistance to IDPs in Kachin State, including funding for food, water and sanitation, shelter, psycho-social trauma counseling and protection and empowerment training.
Depending on the economic and social circumstances, the gumsa Kachin communities can move in the direction of the Shan model or the gumlao model.
The Lhaovo National Unity and Development Party also joined a meeting last month with the three Kachin parties looking to join forces and said at the time that it planned to continue cooperating with the others, but was not yet ready to join the coalition's eventual UEC bid.
Doi Ra and her family are among some 100,000 people who have been displaced by clashes between Myanmar's military and ethnic armed groups in Kachin and northern Shan states in a conflict that has been simmering since 2011.
The high commissioner also met with high-ranking officials in the South-east Asian nation to discuss humanitarian access in Kachin and Rakhine states.
For instance, while the author captures the diversity among Karen nicely, he fails to depict intra-ethnic tensions among Kachin or the hostility between Shan and other ethnic groups in Shan State.
This collection of essays on the historical precedents, anthropology, political economy and prospects of conflict and peace in Kachin State, Northern Myanmar makes an outstanding contribution to the literature.
We are disappointed that the government of Burma has disassociated itself from this resolution and we urge the government to collaborate fully with the fact-finding mission and to provide full and unrestricted access to all areas, in particular Rakhine State but also Kachin and Shan States.
Conflict is also dragging on in Kachin and Shan States, where the army is staging offensives against insurgents," Penna reports.
The landslide happened on a mountain of waste from the mining industry in the Hpakant region of Kachin state.
However, a court in the central city of Mandalay convicted two peace activists of association with the Kachin Independence Army, an outlawed guerrilla group in far northern Myanmar.