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Because of recent escalation of fighting, the number of IDP camps has increased in northern Shan State and Rakhine State and also IDP camps in Kachin State remain.
More than 50 people were reported missing and feared dead after a mudslide buried workers at a jade mine in Myanmar's Kachin state, according to reports Tuesday.
Myanmar refugees in Kachin State gather near their refugee camp in Myitkyina, Kachin state, northern Myanmar.
The $3.6 billion Myitsone Dam project, if built as designed, would flood more than 200 square miles of forestland in Kachin state and export 90 percent of the power produced to China.
Locals from Kachin State - home to Myanmar's largest jade mines - say they are worried for their safety after a villager was injured by dynamite blasts last Saturday.
Born in Myitkyina in the mountainous Kachin State, he belongs to an ethnic minority known as the Kachin.
The area which they call Kachin state is cut off by borders and
Clashes between rebels and the army initially broke out in 2011 in Kachin State after 17 years of cease-fire, Anadolu reported.
In their statement on 23 April, the Kachin Community warned of an escalation in Burma Army military offensives against the country's ethnic groups: "The Burma military is escalating attacks against ethnic groups in the country, including in Rakhine state, Kachin state, Shan state and most recently breaking the ceasefire in Karen state."
GENEVA, May 1 (KUNA) -- The Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Myanmar Yanghee Lee, on Tuesday, has expressed grave concerns over a sharp escalation in hostilities in Myanmar's Kachin State, which has reportedly killed at least 10 civilians, left several wounded and forced thousands to flee their homes in the north of the country.
At the gathering in northern Kachin state on Monday, Gen, Hlaing referred to the Rohingya as "Bengalis," a term meant to describe them as foreigners, and said they "do not have the characteristics or culture in common with the ethnicities of Myanmar."
Through various perspectives, the contributing authors demonstrate that the collapse of the ceasefire resulted from a multifaceted deterioration of the situation in Kachin State and that it had become inevitable, at least from the Kachin perspective, by the time that it occurred.