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(self-designation, Jingphaw, or Chingpaw), a people inhabiting the forested mountain regions of northern Burma (the national states of Kachin and Shan). Population, about 400, 000 (1967, estimate). About 100, 000 Kachins also live in southwestern China, and there are small groups in northeastern India, Thailand, and Laos. The Kachins are divided into a number of ethnic groups speaking the Kachin language. They have preserved their traditional religious beliefs, ancestor worship and animism; a small number are Christians or Buddhists.

The ancestors of the Kachins inhabited eastern Tibet. They apparently first appeared on the territory of present-day Burma in the eighth century, although the main migration occurred later, between the 13th and 17th centuries. Early feudal relations combined with vestiges of primitive communal relations survived among the Kachins until the mid-20th century. Their chief occupation is slash-and-burn farming, with hill rice as the main crop. Their autonomous status within the Union of Burma has contributed to their ethnic solidarity and economic and cultural development.


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Kachins believe that the problem of emerging class stratification started a century and a half earlier.
Reports indicate that there is continued violent conflict between the Burmese government and the ethnic Kachin government, resulting in thousands of internally displaced people living in inadequate makeshift camps.
Lintner points out that China's Yunnan Province has more than 130,000 ethnic Kachin who sympathize with their fellow Burmese Kachin.
Le conflit s'est intensifie depuis fin decembre entre l'Armee pour l'independance kachin (KIA) et les soldats birmans.
It is understandable that China graciously allowed the Burmese airplanes to use its airspace to attack the Kachin because the oil pipe line will soon go through that area and China has all the time have supported the Burmese Juntas in its war against its own people.
High Commissioner for Refugees, Human Rights Watch said in a report on the plight of the Kachin refugees in China.
9) Ola Hanson, The Kachins (Rangoon: American Baptist Mission Press, 1913).
Samedi, un homme d'affaires de la minorite ethnique des Kachins, qui tente de faciliter les negociations, avait estime que la deputee avait "la responsabilite de mettre en oeuvre la paix", rappelant qu'elle en avait fait un theme de campagne electorale.
According to a story published in Britain's The Independent newspaper, the Swedish weapons were used by Myanmar troops in their fight against ethnic Kachin rebels in the country's far north.
Last year, he joined a flood of Kachin villagers crossing the border into China to escape what he says was government soldiers' ''indiscriminate killing, rape and pillage.
Thus in the book Political Systems of Highland Burma, Leach formulated his research problem this way: "How far it can be maintained that a single type of social structure prevails throughout the Kachin area.
La Chine a formellement proteste contre trois bombes larguees par l'armee birmane sur son territoire au cours d'operations contre les rebelles de la minorite kachin, a indique hier vendredi le ministere des Affaires etrangeres.