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(pseudonym of Vladislav Konstantinovich Ianushevskii). Born Dec. 28, 1866, in Vilnius; died Jan. 6, 1970, in Moscow. Acrobat, athlete, and founder and director of the Kadyr-Guliam group of acrobatic camel riders.

Kadyr-Guliam began his circus career at six years of age. In 1910 he went to Middle Asia and performed as an athlete and a wrestler. It was there in 1913 that he organized a springboard act and later a group of acrobatic camel riders, one of the most unusual acts in the Soviet circus and the world. The games, the everyday customs, and athletic competitions characteristic of Middle Asia are made use of in the act. After Kadyr-Guliam’s death, his student F. M. Poludiablik took over the group.


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