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see FeodosiyaFeodosiya
, city (1990 est. pop. 85,000), E Crimea. From 1954 part of Ukraine (then the Ukrainian SSR), it passed to Russian control in 2014 after the occupation and annexation of Crimea. It is a major Black Sea port at the western end of the Feodosiya Gulf.
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, Ukraine.



the name of the city of Feodosiia from the 13th through 18th centuries, when it was ruled by Genoese merchants.

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Dr Rakiatou Christelle Kaffa, Minister of Public Service and Administration Reform in Niger, said she saw the event as a knowledge platform where she was able to understand the vision of the world for the future.
In the southern kingdom of Kaffa, contemporary to the highpoint of slavery in Zege, the government would hire sorcerers to identify people as buda, and on these grounds they and their families would be seized and sold into slavery (Fernyhough 2010: 87)
Did you know that the word coffee came from the Kaffa region in Ethiopia, where they grow coffee?
The origin of the Arabic term is uncertain; it is either derived from the name of the Kaffa region in western Ethiopia, where coffee was cultivated, or by a truncation of qahwat Al-bunn.
Coffee drinking originated in Kaffa, Ethiopia, 300 years ago.
So central is coffee to Ethiopia that many believe the word "coffee" comes from the Ethiopian region Kaffa, from which the coffee bean plant was first exported to Arabia.
David and Tracy now supply coffee-lovers across the North East, Yorkshire, and further afield with their ethically sourced blends, which include Kaffa Forest from Ethiopia with its apricot, marzipan and chocolate undertones, and The Grange - named after Rounton Grange where the Victorian industrialist Sir Isaac Lowthian Bell lived with his family, including his daughter Gertrude, the famous adventurer, writer and diplomat whose extraordinary life has just been made into a film starring Nicole Kidman and Damien Lewis.
From the 13th century city gate of Harar to the deep wild forests of the Southwestern Kaffa region, Ethiopia's coffee industry has today completed the circle with most of the new production and investment now being directed back to the roots of coffee.
In 1346 the invading Tartar army catapulted the bodies of plague victims into the Crimean Peninsula city of Kaffa and infected its citizens.
FIVE KEY FACTS ABOUT COFFEE 1: The first coffee trees seem to have been found in a province known as Kaffa, in the Horn of Africa.
During spring 1347, Italian galleys fleeing Kaffa brought infection to Constantinople, where the plague began raging in the summer.
In foods, the herb can be used as a replacement for lemongrass, lemon zest or instead of the kaffa lime leaf in Asian-style cuisine.