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Spratly Islands,

group of about 100 low islands and coral reefs in the central South China Sea, intersecting busy shipping lanes. The whole group is claimed by China, Taiwan, and Vietnam, and parts are claimed by Malaysia and the Philippines. Brunei has established (1984) an exclusive economic zone encompassing Louisa Reef, but it has not claimed the islet. Various islands, valued primarily for the petroleum and gas potential of the surrounding waters and to a lesser degree for their fishing grounds, are occupied by their claimants. China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Vietnam all have forces there. There have been many disputes and some fighting, most notably between Chinese and Vietnamese vessels in 1988 and 1992, and the Spratlys remain a source of tension among the claimants. A 2002 agreement between the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and China called for all claimants to avoid activities that would heighten tensions over the islands, but China, Taiwan, and other claimants have nonetheless improved a number of the islands and reefs so that they can support airstrips and other facilities. A 2016 ruling under the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea in a case that was initiated by the Philippines against China rejected China's main basis for its claim to the islands, and judged that none of the islands met the criteria required to entitle any claimant to an exclusive economic zone.
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The agency will transport the boats to Kalayaan Islands with the assistance of Philippine Navy, which has been actively collaborating with BFAR in facilitating fisheries livelihood for the fisherfolk of Kalayaan.
The House Committee on Natural Resources has declared the Kalayaan Island Group (KIG) in Palawan as alienable and disposable land for agriculture, residential and commercial purposes.
Later, Manila attempted several times to get security guarantees from Washington for its Kalayaan Island claim through Mutual Defense Treaty (MDT) commitments.
Edgardo Gomez, UP Marine Science Director (both eminent marine biologists and my scuba-diving buddies) to undertake a 3-year program to explore the Kalayaan Islands Group in the Spratlys, together with a select group of other Asia-Pacific scientists.
In November 2015, a group of some 48 students, members of a volunteer movement Kalayaan, Atin Ito, decided to visit Pag-asa Island, one of several in the Kalayaan Islands group.
Jasper Niel Cruz, one of the protesters, said they will leave for Palawan on Friday although there was no definite date for the voyage to the Kalayaan islands.
The group plans to spend one month in the Kalayaan islands to assert the country's claim in the face of China's intrusion into islets and reefs in the West Philippine Sea.
He said the volunteers would not be accompanied by military assets and the sea conditions were not safe for travel to the Kalayaan islands.
I ONLY have sincere admiration for and appreciation of the 10,000 youth volunteers who have signed up for the month-long campaign at the Kalayaan islands to support the country's claim to disputed territories in the West Philippine Sea (10,000 youths volunteer to stake Kalayaan claim, News, 11/6/15).
The Kalayaan Atin Ito held a press conference in Quezon City Thursday to appeal for donations to sustain the month-long stay of the youth volunteers at the Kalayaan islands.
Marine scientists from De La Salle University and the University of the Philippines Marine Science Institute discovered a new species of coral in the recent past in our Kalayaan Islands, leading them to name the coral Leptoseris kalayaanensis.
KALAYAAN ISLANDS -- The 1986 Edsa revolution was celebrated even on the island of Pagasa, a disputed territory in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) caught in the crosshairs of powerful Asian neighbors.