Nicholas Kaldor

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Kaldor, Nicholas


Born May 12, 1908, in Budapest. British economist.

Beginning in 1932, Kaldor was an instructor at the London School of Economics; later he taught at Cambridge University. After World War II he worked in the Economic Commission for Europe (an agency of the United Nations) and was an economic and financial adviser to a number of Asian, African, and Latin American countries. From 1966 to 1970, Kaldor served as chief adviser to the chancellor of the exchequer in the Labor government in Great Britain. Kaldor has written works on economic growth, employment, and inflation. His models for “balanced growth” are primarily technical and do not reflect the internal contradictions of the capitalist mode of production.


Quantitative Aspects of the Full Employment Problem in Britain. [No place] 1944.
Essays in Economic Stability and Growth. London, 1960.
Essays on Value and Distribution. London–Glencoe, 111., 1960.
Essays on Economic Policy, vols. 1–2. New York, 1965.
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Y aqui empiezan a delinearse las notables diferencias entre las viejas y las nuevas guerras, siguiendo a Mary Kaldor (2001).
She focuses particularly on two social movements in which Kaldor was heavily involved: European Nuclear Disarmament and the Helsinki Citizen's Assembly, both of which she founded and which provided the organizational base for much of her activism.
Come work for me,'" Korsh said of how Robert will try to convince Rachel to work for his firm, Rand, Kaldor & Zane.
Sydney-based Wiradjuri/Kamilaroi artist, Jonathan Jones will present barrangal dyara (skin and bones), the first Kaldor Public Art Project presented with an Australian Aboriginal artist and one of the largest and most significant projects to date.
Kaldor used ordinary differential equations to research the business cycle model, and he proposed that nonlinear investment function and saving function were an important factor to generate periodical fluctuation in economic system [4].
This issue of income distribution was not discussed by Young (1928; and in his further elaboration by Kaldor); this could explain, and here the contribution of the paper lies, as to why Kaldor (1975), in his elaboration of Verdoorn-Kaldor law, dismissed the possibility of a strong employment growth-labor productivity growth nexus, as irrelevant, in the conceptualization of a demand-led growth thesis.
Celgene made clear from the start that they valued both our technology and our team, and this resulted in an extremely collaborative and productive partnership over the past three years," said Steve Kaldor, chief executive officer at Quanticel.
This week, welcome to Allford Hall Monaghan Morris architects and building designers, London-based BCS electrical and mechanical contractors, Manchester charity for people with life-limiting illness CALLplus, Emtec building services and engineers, Flexiform which manufactures office furniture in Yorkshire, Image Factory window displays and cardboard engineering, IT Parts Europe in Hertfordshire, London software house Kaldor, and Scottish-based Keenan Recycling and Kenway Tyres.
On the one hand, several scholars (Mary Kaldor (1), Herfried Munkler, Martin van Creveld (2), Mark Duffield (3), Michael Ignatieff (4)) focused on the main differences between conventional, Clausewitzean, trinitarian warfare (associated with the rise of the modern state) and the novel aspects of post-Cold War armed conflicts.
Abstract: This paper pays tribute to Luigi Pasinetti as an historian of economic thought in general but, in particular, to his work on the Cambridge economists, and his interpretations mainly of Piero Sraffa and John Maynard Keynes, but also of Richard Kahn, Joan Robinson and Nicholas Kaldor.
but when she is mysteriously adopted by the Kaldor family, it's a dream come true.
The book explores the nature of real competition as opposed to perfect competition and lays out the evidence found by economic historians questioning the authenticity of the "stylized facts" put forward by Nicholas Kaldor as canonical truths.