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(pseudonym of Ramasami Krushnamurthi). Born Sept. 9, 1899, in the village of Manalmedu, Tamil Nadu state; died there Jan. 5, 1954. Indian author.

Kalki was one of the pioneers of modern Tamil prose. He was descended from a Brahman family. He graduated from the National College in Tiruchchirappalli, and in 1917 he began to work in the democratic press. Kalki translated speeches and articles by M. K. Gandhi and other liberation movement leaders into Tamil, and he was subjected to repression by the English authorities. In 1925 he began to publish poetry and stories. He wrote many collections of short stories; the historical novels The Vow ofSivahami (1941–42) and Beloved Son of Cauvery (1948); and the social novels In the Land of Selflessness (1947), The Beloved of a Thief (1947), and The Sound of the Waves (1953; Russian translation, 1964; Literary Academy of India Prize, 1956). In his works, Kalki raised many critical issues of the national liberation movement. The journal Kalki, which he established in 1941, promoted unity among Tamil writers.


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