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Aleksandr Golovin was born in the small Siberian town of Kaltan. Most of its 22,000 residents work in the mining industry, his first coach lost his hand in a mining accident and the only full-size football pitch is in a terrible condition even in the summer, not to mention the freezing winters.
Lane, B.R, Babineau, D., Kaltan, M.W., Novick, A.C., Gill, I.S.
It says a person who enters the mosquito net/house of a girl/woman and get killed should not be compensated( Marum Kaltan) this is prejudice, any case should first be investigated before declaring the decease guilty, this is a clear legitimization of death by killing
"The brutal destruction of Fallujah by the US Army was not followed by any reconstruction, as if the city is being punished for its attitude against the occupation," said Kaltan Fadhil, an engineer in Fallujah.