Kamal Jumblatt

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Kamal Jumblatt
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Jumblatt, Kamal


Born in 1917, in Mukhtara, Lebanon. Lebanese statesman, politician, and public figure.

Jumblatt studied at higher educational institutions in Lebanon, Great Britain, and France, after which he worked as a journalist. He was elected a deputy of the Lebanese parliament in 1947 and has since frequently been a member of the government (1946-47, 1960-61, 1961-64, 1970). Jumblatt heads the Socialist Progressive Party of Lebanon, which he founded in 1949, and has supported the development of closer relations with the USSR. He has been a member of the Presidential Council of the Association for Lebanese-Soviet Friendship since 1970 and chairman of the National Committee for Afro-Asian Solidarity since 1958. In 1972, Jumblatt received the International Lenin Peace Prize.

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Among the main events the Chouf and the mountain area experienced during the Civil War (1975-90) were the 1977 assassination of PSP founder Kamal Joumblatt, Walid Joumblatt's father, and the outbreak of the Mountain War.
Kamal Joumblatt and two of his bodyguards were shot dead by gunmen who intercepted their car in the Chouf on March 16, 1977.
6:00 pm A conference titled "Private Education Facing Crises: Reasons, Outcomes and Solutions", at the invitation of "Kamal Joumblatt Friends' League", at the "Balamand" University in Souk el -Ghareb.
TUNIS (TAP) - Lawyer Radhia Nasraoui, Chairwoman of the Tunisian Anti-Torture Association, has been awarded the Kamal Joumblatt Prize for human rights in the Arab world, in consideration for her advocacy of human rights since the mid-1970s, her activism against the ousted Ben Ali regime and her denunciation of tortures.
Speaking from Kamal Joumblatt Hospital, Abi Faraj denied LDP's version of events, telling Al-Jadeed that he sometimes goes to a Druze shrine near Souki's house before visiting his brother's grave.
5:00 pm Conference on Lebanon's economic risks at the invitation of the "League of Kamal Joumblatt's friends" at the League's headquarters in Clemenceau.
"We have a forum about Palestinian [literature] led by the Palestinian and Lebanese culture ministers and a whole day dedicated to Kamal Joumblatt, with a film screening, poetry readings and a forum about him and his books."
The banquet coincided with the 36th commemoration of late Druze Leader Kamal Joumblatt's assassination.
Most of Chehab's security reports in 1958, however, focus on Kamal Joumblatt's "training camps" and the suspected "smuggling of weapons and personnel from Syria to Lebanon."
Speaking before a crowd of prominent political officials and religious clerics during the 36th commemoration of his late father, Druze Leader Kamal Joumblatt, he paid tribute to all martyrs who fell for the sake of the nation.
They [Syria] entered [Lebanon] on the blood of Kamal Joumblatt and left on the blood of Rafik Hariri."
He called for voters to turn out in large numbers to show that his grandfather and former PSP leader Kamal Joumblatt -- who was assassinated in 1977 -- "cannot be attacked ...