Kamalov, Foma

The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979). It might be outdated or ideologically biased.

Kamalov, Foma Georgievich


Born 1890 in Tbilisi; died August 1918. Participant in the revolutionary movement in the Transcaucasus. Member of the Communist Party from 1911.

Kamalov studied at the Tbilisi Commercial School. In 1910 he began studying in the medical department of the University of Kiev. In 1913 he began conducting party work in Tbilisi and was twice arrested and imprisoned in Metekhi Castle in 1914. He continued party work in Kharkov and Saratov; in 1917 he resumed this work in Tbilisi. He was exiled to Vladikavkaz (now Ordzhonikidze) by the Menshevik government of Georgia in February 1918. Kamalov became chairman of the Vladikavkaz Soviet in April 1918 and participated in the creation of the Red Guard and in the struggle against the counterrevolution of the mountain regions. In August 1918 he was arrested by G. F. Bicherakhov’s White Guard band, which had raided Vladikavkaz, and was shot after being brutally tortured.

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