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akamba, an african people inhabiting the basins of the Galana and Tana rivers in southern Kenya. Population, 1.2 million (1967 estimate). Their language belongs to the Bantu family.

By tradition, the Kamba came from the southeast, from the region of Mount Kilimanjaro (according to some data, in the first half of the 18th century). The territory of the Kamba was under English rule until 1963. The people are farmers and cattle raisers, although some are going to the cities in search of work. Most of the Kamba adhere to local traditional religions; some are Christians.


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Due to heavy rainfall in Thane in the morning, Kamba petrol pump has submerged underwater.
On three other occasions, with Karatu's last appearance at the Assembly on May 15th, 2019, Kamba said the Assembly consistently withheld its confirmation on account of the alterations and inconsistencies.
Though Kamba Simango is central to the story, as the title suggests, other lesser known but clearly influential Ndau evangelists also come to the fore, such as Tapera Nkomo and Bede Simango.
Yoshikawa will visit the Diet building with other peace activists on June 15, as in the past years, to leave flowers for Kamba.
Today, few distinguishable Afro-descendents are found in Tabapy, Aregua, and Guarambare, and there is no community sense of an Afro-colonial past, although the Kamba Cua activists are beginning outreach activities in these towns.
Among the Kamba community, many say they do not know who won the election, while 20% believe Kibaki did and 35% think it was Odinga.
The struggle for food is not new to the 2.5 million ethnic Kamba, who have been peasant farmers and small herders for generations; they have managed to squeeze life out of the thirsty, semi-arid lands they call Kambaland.
For unknown reasons the Akamba people became Hemingway's favorites and he sought membership in the Kamba ethnic group.
Paul was the most veteran and most prominent among the talented photographers whose work has graced our pages over the years--Ed Lettau, Martin Lueders, Mev Puleo, Lloyd DeGrane, Antonio Perez, Lucinda Devlin, Joseph Rodriguez, Mimi Forsyth, David Kamba, and several others, Like Paul, a number of them generously agreed to work for our modest nonprofit rates even though they can command much higher remuneration from other clients.
"I brought eight bananas for Kamba, but she could eat a hundred more," she said.
It shows traditional finger counting of the Maasai, the Kamba, and the Taita in Kenya; the Zulu of South Africa; and the Mende of Sierra Leone.