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river, China: see GanGan
or Kan
, river, c.550 mi (885 km) long, flowing north through the plain of central Jiangxi prov., SE China, past Nanchang to Poyang lake. Despite many rapids, it is navigable for junks below Ganzhou and for steamers up to Nanchang.
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a river in Krasnoiarsk Krai, RSFSR; a right tributary of the Enisei. Length, 629 km; basin area, 36, 900 sq km.

The Kan begins on the northern slopes of the VostochnyiSaian (Kanskoe Belogor’e). As far as the mouth of the Tikhii(Quiet) Kan, the river is known as the Dikii (Wild) Kan. In itsheadwaters, the river flows in a narrow valley, which broadensin the middle course, where the river crosses the Kan Forest-steppe; lower down, in crossing the southern spurs of the EniseiRidge, the river has stretches of rapids (Bol’shoi, Kosoi). Theriver is fed by snow and rain. The average annual flow of the riverat the village of Podporog is 276 cu m per sec. The tributaries are the Agul on the right and the Rybnaia on the left. Somestretches of the river are navigable. Once clear of the mountains, the river is used to float logs. The town of Kansk is located onthe river, and the eastern part of the Kansk-Achinsk Coal Basinis located in the Kan Basin.



(Nay Kan). Year of birth unknown; died 1526. The leader of a popular uprising in Cambodia in 1507.

Kan headed the rebellious peasants and a segment of the feudal lords in central Cambodia, overthrew the king Srey So-konthor Bat (1504–08), and proclaimed himself king in 1508. He enacted reforms that eased the lot of the peasants and waged war against the feudal lords who had remained loyal to the deposed king and who proclaimed Ang Chan king in 1516. After Kan’s death the uprising was suppressed.

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