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a city; center of Kanev Raion, Cherkassy Oblast, Ukrainian SSR, 45 km from the Tagancha railroad station. Landing on the right bank of the Dnieper River. Population, 18, 800 (1971). The city has a sawmill and electromechanical, concrete, and asphalt plants, as well as a plant producing domestic articles. There are enterprises of the food industry (a creamery and a brewery) and a water and timber reclamation station. The Kanev Hydroelectric Power Plant (Ukrgidroproekt; chief engineer G. S. Burtsev) was put into operation in 1972 on the Dnieper River near Kanev. A cultural and educational school and the A. P. Gaidar Museum and Library are also in the city.

Kanev has been known since the 12th century. The city’s monuments include the Church of Iurii (1144), the T. G. Shev-chenko memorial gravesite (on Tarasova Gora, in bronze and granite, 1939; sculptor M. G. Manizer, architect E. A. Levinson), the T. G. Shevchenko Memorial Museum (1938, architects V. G. Krichevskii and P. F. Kostyrko), and the Tarasova Gora Hotel (1961). Construction of the residential settlement for the Kanev Hydroelectric Power Plant and modernization of the center of Kanev were completed in 1969.


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