South Korea: see GanghwaGanghwa,
or Kanghoa
, administrative district (1995 pop. 64,746), 163 sq mi (422 sq km), of Incheon (Inchon) city, consisting of 29 islands in the Yellow Sea (or West Sea) off NW South Korea.
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Kanghwa, Donhee, and David (2015) used a service quality-adjusted data envelopment analysis (SQ-adjusted DEA) to study US-based airline carrier operational efficiency.
8) While sovereignty and interstate relations had been problematized and compromised throughout the long history of the Sino-centric order, its material and normative pillars started to unravel in the process of institutional adaptation by East Asian actors themselves in their local encounters--such as the Treaty of Tientsin (Tianjin) (1871) between China and Japan and the Treaty of Kanghwa (1876) between Japan and Korea.
derived from the 'Oregon Strain' on west coast of United States WCA ABC, derived from the 'Oregon Strain' on west coast of United States NCA ABC, Fl generation of Yellow River stock (YR) from northern China, spawned in 1999 SCA99 ABC, F1 generation of Beihai stock (BH) from southern China, spawned in 1999 SCA00 ABC, F1 generation of Beihai stock (BH) from southern China, spawned in 2000 IR * Ariake Sea, Saga Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan KR * Kawha River, South Korea SR * Sumjin River, South Korea KI * Kanghwa Island, Incheon, South Korea YR * Yellow River basin, Shandong Province, China YzR * Yangzi River estuary, China HC * Haicheng, Fujian Province, China BH * Dafeng River.
A refugee from northwestern Hwanghae Province, Kim is deeply concerned with this issue, locating her own World Shamanism Center on Kanghwa, a South Korean island across a narrow strait from northern territory.
About a decade earlier, in 1876, Choson (the last Korean dynasty) succumbed to Japanese gunboat diplomacy and signed the Kanghwa Treaty, Korea's first modern treaty.
El resultado fue la firma del Tratado de Kanghwa (Kangjua), redactado en terminos similares a los tratados desiguales que las potencias occidentales habian impuesto a China y Japon, a traves de los cuales fueron abiertos tres puertos a los comerciantes japoneses y la acreditacion de una representacion diplomatica en Seul, la capital de Corea.
18) Having been fatally stabbed in the back, Jo-won desperately attempts to travel to the Kanghwa Island where Lady Jeong resides, a trip the dying man is unable to complete.
The world around me--the wasps scurrying in the humid air; the drooping trees, ginseng crops and verdant mountains of Kanghwa Island in the Yellow Sea; the 11 singers and musicians seated on rugs playing their drums, cymbals, horns and brass instruments; the parking lot below where one can glimpse two buses that carried a group of skeptical theatre critics, mostly Westerners, to this shaman's temple on a steep hill--all this seems to recede from the edges of eyesight.
In October 1866 the French squadron steamed to Kanghwa Island at the mouth of the Han River, which led to the capital, Seoul, but soon discovered that the river was too shallow.
Architectural Anglicanism: A Missiological Interpretation of Kanghwa Church and Seoul Anglican Cathedral
The news agency quoted officials as saying, ''The waters west of Kanghwa Island (where the boat was detected) have been used by North
Contract awarded for Jinhae kanghwa market underground parking lot renovation work