South Korea: see GangneungGangneung
or Kangnung
, city (1993 pop. 151,921), Gangwon (Kangwon) prov., NE South Korea, a port on the Sea of Japan (or East Sea). An agricultural center with a silk weaving industry, Gangneung is famed for its beautiful scenery; Gyeongpo provincial park and Odaesan
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15 and 16, at Kangnung Air Base, home of the South Korean air force's 18th Wing; and Nov.
Faculty of Marine Bioscience and Technology, Kangnung National University, Gangneung 210-702, Korea
In September 1996, North Korean Special Operations Forces (SOF) infiltrated the South Korean eastern coast near the town of Kangnung.
SOUTH AFRICA'S players are beginning to feel the pace of life at their training resort of Kangnung in South Korea - and have found it is decidedly slow.
South Africa warmed up with a training game on the beach at Kangnung.
South Korea's opposition Grand National Party (GNP) won all three parliamentary seats at stake in elections Thursday in two districts in Seoul and another in Kangnung, Kangwon Province, results showed Friday.
The North Korean "apology" was drafted after the wording had been discussed with US State department authorities, and reads: "The spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK (Democratic Peoples' Republic of Korea) is authorized to express deep regret for the submarine incident in the coastal waters of Kangnung, South Korea, in September 1996 that caused the tragic loss of human life.
Most of them are members of the crew whose submarine became stranded in Kangnung, 90 miles northeast of Seoul and about 60 miles south of the heavily armed Korean border.
In September 1996, South Korean troops launched a massive manhunt after 26 armed North Koreans disembarked from a submarine off South Korea's eastern coast near Kangnung.
The North Korean submarine, a 325-ton, 106-foot gray vessel lay 100 feet offshore today near the east coast city of Kangnung.