Kania, Stanislaw

Kania, Stanisław

(stənēē`swäf kä`nyə), 1927–, Polish political leader. He joined the Communist party in 1945, becoming a member of the Central Committee in 1968 and of the Politburo in 1975. Soon after the SolidaritySolidarity,
Polish independent trade union federation formed in Sept., 1980. Led by Lech Wałęsa, it grew rapidly in size and political power and soon posed a threat to Poland's Communist government by its sponsorship of labor strikes and other forms of public protest.
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 union was formed in 1980 he was named party chairman, but as the crisis precipitated by the union's activities worsened he was replaced (1981) by Gen. JaruzelskiJaruzelski, Wojciech Witold
, 1923–2014, Polish military and political leader. His family fled the 1939 German invasion to Lithuania, and were deported to Siberia after Russia invaded the Baltic States.
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