Kansan Uutiset

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Kansan Uutiset


(People’s News), a daily newspaper; organ of the Communist Party of Finland and the Democratic Union of the Finnish People. The newspaper was founded in 1957 and is published in Helsinki. Circulation, 43, 800 (1974).

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In the present article, the different newspapers looked at include the chief organs of the most significant parties: the Centre Party paper Suomenmaa (SM), the Social Democratic Suomen Sosialidemokraatti (SS), the Communist and Left Alliance (Finnish People's Democratic League) paper Kansan Uutiset (KU) and the right-wing National Coalition Party's paper (until 1976) Uusi Suomi (US) as well as the independent, liberal paper Helsingin Sanomat (HS).
Reporting on the Occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1968 Newspaper Quantity News Commentaries Backgrounds Helsingin Sanomat 76 88 % 7 % 5% Uusi Suomi 100 87 % 8 % 5% Suomen 74 91 % 8 % 1% Sosialidemokraatti Kansan Uutiset 89 89 % 9 % 2% Suomenmaa 43 79 % 19 % 2% Total 382 Newspaper Indir.
The Correspondents of Kansan Uutiset and Uusi Suomi in Moscow 1957-1975.) Licenciate thesis.
Kansan Uutiset has chosen Anygraaf in Helsinki, Finland, and Frederick, Md., to implement ePlanner Web site management, expanding Kansan Uutiset's investment in Anygraaf software, which currently includes the Doris32 asset-management and publishing-production system, AProfit ad-management suite and CProfit circulation and distribution system.
The cabin crew union has said that Finnair wants to cut wages by 15% and the union does not accept this, the union leader Mauri Koskinniemi told Kansan Uutiset, a Finnish daily.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-6 February 2004-Former Kansan Uutiset editor-in-chief goes to court(C)1994-2004 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.m2.com
Yrjo Rautio, the former editor-in-chief of the Finnish newspaper Kansan Uutiset, is to take the issue of his leaving the newspaper to court.
While Siimes has told the Finnish newspaper Kansan Uutiset that she is personally very pleased with Tarja Halonen as president, she cannot guarantee automatic support from the left alliance.

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