Kansas State University

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Kansas State University,

main campus at Manhattan; coeducational; land-grant and state supported; chartered and opened 1863. There is an additional campus at Salina. Among the university's research facilities are the J. R. Macdonald Laboratory for research in heavy-ion and atomic physics, the Konza Prairie Research area, and the NASA Center for Gravitational Studies in Cellular and Developmental Biology.
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For more information, contact Sarah Caldwell Hancock, communications coordinator, Kansas State University, sarhan@k-state.edu.
Contact: Daniel Fung, Department of Animal Sciences and Industry, Kansas State University, 207 Call Hall, Manhattan, KS 66506.
It's worth mentioning here that the Kansas State University had already started the engineering faculty in Kabul University under the World Bank Grant Programme.
Driven by the excitement of building for others, the Kansas State University graduate gave the construction business--an industry that is comprised of more than 56,000 African American-owned companies--a try.
Each star is made up of compounds that include one of various metals, says Kenneth Klabunde, a chemist at Kansas State University. The structure of the metals' atoms causes them to emit light at high temperatures.
Messelt is a graduate of Kansas State University with a degree in journalism and public relations.
Vourc'h et al., acknowledgment of contributions by Sandia National Laboratories, New Mexico State University, New Mexico Department of Agriculture, and Kansas State University were omitted.
What drives these swarms had been an old, unanswered question, says Anthony Joern of Kansas State University in Manhattan.
At issue in this case was whether the Kansas State University Foundation (Foundation), a not-for-profit charitable organization, was entitled to an exemption from real property taxation on a commercial building it purchased in Manhattan, Kansas.
Two coordinators, Don Fenton of Kansas State University and Will Stoecker of the University of Illinois, will provide the fundamentals on which five experts from the industrial refrigeration field will relate their practical experience.
DEBATE ABOUT ISSUES SUCH AS POLICY, pedagogy, curriculum, and research are both essential to academic progress and a "paper tiger behind which outright uncivil or abusive behavior or chronic disruption of reasoned procedures can hide," argues author Coffman, who served as provost at Kansas State University for 17 years.
Kansas State University has reopened for its fall 2005 semester announcing that almost 90% of its classrooms, teaching laboratories, library and seminar rooms on its main campus are equipped for wireless computing.
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