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When Han was running for mayor of Kaohsiung last year, he proposed the construction of a "Love Ferris Wheel" on the city's Love River, arousing intense debate among all walks of life.
AirAsia will also launch the Clark-Kaohsiung route on the same day marking Kaohsiung as the airline's 10th international destination to be launched this year.
Louie Ferrer, GMR-Megawide Cebu Airport Corporation president, said beginning August 1, 2019, the Philippines AirAsia is set to commence the operation of its direct service to Kaohsiung International Airport from Mactan airport.
The work of art took some four years to complete and was shipped from Germany for installation in Kaohsiung. The work of art takes viewers through the mystical journey of human life.
In 2009, ASE Kaohsiung green building plans were drawn up to combine nature with technology, and provide a green factory environment optimized for living, productivity and the ecology.
(6) Department of Medical Imaging and Radiological Sciences, Kaohsiung Medical University, Kaohsiung 807, Taiwan
The Kaohsiung incident played an important role in Taiwan's democratization, says Jacobs, and he both analyzes it and recounts his part in it as a foreigner accused of being involved in the February 1980 Lin Family Murders.
The Liberty Times reported in its Wednesday issue that Kaohsiung Customs has detected 226 containers contaminated with radiation coming from or routed through Japan since March 2011.
Greater Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chu told a press conference that she is glad Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman picked Kaohsiung as the first city in Taiwan to exhibit the massive, inflatable rubber duck.
Formosa Plastics Group also plans to establish storage facilities there, for use by its factories in Kaohsiung.
Taiwan-based China Airlines and its subsidiary Mandarin Airlines announced today the launch of a new weekly service between Kaohsiung and Xiamen.