Kap Farvel

Farvel, Kap


(Cape Farewell), a rocky cape on Egger Island in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Greenland. Kap Farvel has a maximum elevation of 800 m. It is considered the southernmost extremity of Greenland (59°45’N lat.).

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This important book collects nine essays on the interactions among missionary, commercial, colonizing, and indigenous interests at Cape Farewell (Danish: Kap Farvel; Greenlandic: Uummannarsuaq), the southernmost point of Greenland.
During a storm on 7 September, while Nanok was towing a scow round Kap Farvel, bound for Comanche Bay, the scow went adrift, and the towing hawser became wrapped around Nanok's propeller shaft.
The expedition to search for the wreck of the passenger ship Hans Hedtoft in the waters around Kap Farvel has been delayed due to a shortage of funds.