Kaputikian, Silva

Kaputikian, Sil’va Barunakovna


(also Sirvard Barunakovna Kaputikian). Born Jan, 5, 1919, in Yerevan. Soviet Armenian poet. Honored Cultural Worker of the Armenian SSR (1970). Member of the CPSU since 1945.

Kaputikian graduated from the department of philology of the University of Yerevan in 1941. Her work was first published in 1933. Her first book of verses, In These Days, appeared in 1945. She has written the collections Verses (1947, Russian translation), On the Banks of the Zanga (1947), My Kith and Kin (1951; Russian translation, 1951; State Prize of the USSR, 1952), Bon Voyage (Russian translation, 1954), A Frank Talk (1955), and Thoughts at Midpoint (I960; Russian translation, 1962). Kaputikian’s deeply emotional poetry deals with the joy of a people who have been reborn, the new life of Soviet Armenia, the problems of relating art to reality, and the emotional and intellectual world of contemporary man. Kaputikian has been awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor.


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