Kars, Treaty of 1921

Kars, Treaty of (1921)


a treaty between the Armenian, Azerbaijan, and Georgian soviet socialist republics on the one hand and Turkey on the other. The treaty was concluded in the city of Kars on October 13, with the participation of the RSFSR. The treaty conference was convened on September 26 in fulfillment of the Treaty of Moscow of March 16, 1921, between the RSFSR and Turkey. The period of validity of the treaty was not stipulated. The Treaty of Kars extended the basic provisions of the Moscow treaty to the Transcaucasian soviet republics and added a number of articles: crossing of the border by inhabitants of the frontier zone was to be eased, the inhabitants were conceded the right to make use of pastures located on the other side of the border (arts. 7, 8), and a commission was to be created for the establishment of trade relations and the regulation of economic, financial, and other questions (art. 18). The instruments of ratification were exchanged in Yerevan on Sept. 11, 1922.


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