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(cell and molecular biology)
Fragmentation of a nucleus with scattering of the pieces in the cytoplasm.
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the breakdown of a cell nucleus into parts; one of the intermediate stages of necrobiosis (after karyopyknosis and before karyolysis) that precedes the death of a cell. The nuclear membrane is destroyed and the nucleic acids show up asseparate clumps in the cytoplasm.

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PMNL cell density, lipid accumulation, degenerative cell density, karyorrhexis and changes in the content of secretory granules were scored in histopathological examination.
The seen nuclear abnormalities induced by chronic exposure to ROSU such as marked binucleation, karyorrhexis, karyolysis and apoptosis might indicate hepatocytes cytotoxicity (Tolbert et al., 1992; Celik et al., 2003; Unal et al., 2005).
habit index and frequency of karyorrhexis (Plate 1), significant results were obtained with respect to Alcohol + Chewing Index (p < 0.01) and Smoking + Chewing Index (p < 0.05)
Viable cells are described as those cells "whose morphologic features were fairly wellpreserved, including those with swelling of the nucleus or cytoplasm, multiple nuclei, or cytoplasmic vacuolation." Changes considered irreversible included "cells with bizarre, hyperchromatic, or pyknotic nuclei, usually associated with markedly swollen, vacuolated, or deeply eosinophilic cytoplasm." Karyorrhexis was considered a sign of cell death, but whether this occurs in untreated cancers was not discussed.
Active and Chronic Glomerular Lesions * Active lesions Endocapillary hypercellularity, with or without leukocyte infiltration and with substantial luminal reduction Karyorrhexis Fibrinoid necrosis Rupture of glomerular basement membrane Crescents, cellular or fibrocellular Subendothelial deposits identifiable by LM (wireloops) Intraluminal immune aggregates (hyaline thrombi) Chronic lesions Glomerular sclerosis (segmental, global) Fibrous adhesions Fibrous crescents * Reprinted with permission from the authors.36 LM indicates light microscopy.
The walls of afferent arterioles were effaced by smudgy eosinophilic material that severely narrowed the vessel lumens, and nuclear pyknosis and karyorrhexis were seen within the altered arteriolar walls (Figure 1).
Segmental areas of fibrinoid necrosis with karyorrhexis were also seen in some of the glomeruli.
Geographic necrosis, karyorrhexis, and polymorphous atypical cell infiltrates were found in the present case and was reminiscent of findings in EBV-positive lymphoproliferative disorders such as infectious mononucleosis, posttransplant disorders, and iatrogenic lymphoproliferative disorders.[11] Therefore, EBV appears to play a role not only in lymphomagenesis, but also in nonneoplastic cell proliferation.
Additionally, intravascular karyorrhexis, villous sclerosis, and villous edema were present in the placenta from the second case of cord torsion.
Renal Cells Nuclear Alterations: Some renal cells in the lining epithelia of the proximal convoluted tubule of NPs-treated rats demonstrated karyorrhexis or/and karyolysis (Fig.
Liver tissues fixed with 70% alcohol were stained with hematoxylin and eosin stain and examined by light microscopy at a magnification of 100x, necrosis rate, karyorrhexis, increase rate of connective tissue, 10% were rated "0", 10-25% were rated "1", 25%-50% were rated "2" and 50%, were rated with a score of "3".
Inthe model group, microvilli in the epithelium of small intestine were sloughed and water-structure emerged, mitochondria of epithelial cells stretched, endochylema dissolved and partly collapsed, cell edge metachromatic stained and centralized to one side, partial nucleus swelling and karyorrhexis, and the inter space between cells were obvious.