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a city in Moscow Oblast, RSFSR, situated on the high right bank of the Oka River. There is a landing on the river. Kashira is a station on the Moscow-Donbas trunk line, 109 km south of Moscow. Population, 39, 000 (1970).

Kashira was founded in the 1.4th century. It was registered as part of Moscow Province in 1708 and remained so until 1777, when it became the district city of Tula namestnichestvo (viceroyalty); it became the district city of Tula Province in 1796. There is a gorodishche (site of a fortified town) dating from the Iron Age in Kashira. The Kashira State Regional Electric Power Plant is located in the city. Plants producing metal structures, furniture, and hosiery, as well as a shipyard and the Isentrolit Plant, are located in the city. There is also an evening power engineering technicum and an experimental combine producing cardboard and paper products.


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Several options, considered the project in Kashira, there is discussion, there are pre-design developments.
The sources synchronous to the session of the Zemsky Sobor registered the presence of representatives from 25 provincial towns in the capital, Belgorod, Borovsk, Bryansk, Vladimir, Vologda, Kadom, Kalyazin, Kashira, Kolomna, Kursk, Mtsensk, Murom, Novosil, Odoev, Oskol, Pogoreloe Gorodische, Rostov, Ryazan, Suzdal, Torzhok, Toropets, Tula, Ustyuzhna Zhelezopolskaya, Chern, and Yaroslavl.
Female Japanese speakers, on the other hand, use wa, no, and kashira sentence finals implying a softening, hesitance, and lack of assertiveness.
Idriss Kashira, an assistant to the Murzuk City Council's president, and a Tebu local of the desert town of 23,000 inhabitants, took pride in his city's history as being "the crossroad of trade between Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa and Europe where Arab merchants traded in precious metals such as gold, ivory and also slaves.
Kashira, Serpukhov, and Zvenigorod served a similar purpose; and it was not unusual for a particular Tatar prince to cycle through these and other towns.
He says he was abducted to the Russian city of Kashira and pressured to drop his lawsuits in the European court, all while being verbally assaulted as a "faggot" and "pederast.
The company's key competitors are OGK-1 with its Kashira GRES-4, OGK-4 with the Shatura GRES-5, and RusHydro, operating the Zagorsk HAPP.
En consecuencia, el joven Sato no bebe, no sabe nada de carreras de caballos o de mujeres y se entrega a su trabajo; y otra consecuencia, obviamente extranaba a su madre, cuyo femenino so kashira acababa yo de escuchar.
Female Japanese speakers, on the other hand, conventionally use other sentence finals, including wa, no, and kashira.
At the end of August 1812, he and his small escort were retreating, together with the Russian forces, from Smolensk to Vyaz'ma, then to Troitse-Sergieva Lavra, to Dmitrov, Kolomna, Kashira and Serpukhov.
Struggling to Adjust at the Kashira Moebel Kombinat(4)