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(1) In Orthodox church services, a special kind of monastic tropariow during which the hirmos (beginning canticle) is sung both at the beginning and the end of the canon ode; the two choirs descend from the balcony to the center of the church to sing the katabasis.

(2) In the figurative sense, confusion or chaos.


In the Greek Orthodox church, a place under the altar for relics.
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The Katabasis and the Cowboy Film: A Study in Clashing Myths.
But Gibreel and Saladin Chamcha falling from the exploding aeroplane may also remind one of Trygaios' flight to Olympos on the back of a dung-beetle in Peace (or of Dionysos' katabasis in Frogs).
An illustration of this is the topos of the katabasis that can be seen resonating in the voyage of Bilbo and the dwarves through Mirkwood, which is peculiar, for forests are usually the epitome of life and nature, so associations with death and decay in this instance seem paradoxical.
Tyche's stratagem to overcome Callirhoe's fidelity is explicitly compared through another verbal echo to the disastrous situation of the mercenaries after the death of Cyrus, the pivotal event that separates the anabasis of the Ten Thousand from their lengthy katabasis.
Itkin's essay chimes with Martin Klebes's around the significance of katabasis in Sebald's narratives.
Here, I would like to describe three literary models, three ancient paradigmatic forms--the katabasis, the qasida, and the arabesque--that appear to have emerged out of specific topologies or ground conditions of a region that has served as a conduit between the East and the West for thousands of years.
For one thing, Aeneas is a liminal figure in being connected with the world of the mortals and that of the gods, a characteristic which allows him to embark upon a katabasis, a journey to the Underworld.
In a textured reflection on Socrates' gradual differentiation of perception and knowledge in the commonality of becoming and being, Sallis highlights references to Homer, Thales, Heraclitus, and Parmenides, which are bound together in the narration bound by katabasis at the beginning and end of the dialogue (p.
Critics have noted a Psyche-Orpheus archetype in her work, but in fact she does the Orphic thing before a live audience of daughters, with Walter as Eurydice: on her katabasis, her journey to hell, she had to keep in touch with the kids.
Though not cast in terms of tropes, the Baconian emphasis on katabasis, "sermo rerum" (the discourse of things) (194) or prosopopeia and the evidentiary economies each attempts to balance, records an experimental rhetoric that runs through all of his works.
Ring studies include Murley on Catullus 64; Otis, Quinn, Duckworth, Holt, Hunt, Gordon Williams, and Butler on Aeneid (and for whom the concentric X was the tectonic and thematic ground-zero of Vergils epic, the katabasis or journey to terra inferna); Niles and Tonsfeldt on Beowulf (with preliminary studies on symmetry and envelope patterning in Old English poetry by Bartlett); Poirion on Le Roman de Ia Rose; Hopper and Singleton on Dantes Commedia; Bishop on Pearl; Patterson and Patch on Chaucers Troilus and Criseyde; Howard on Sir Gawain and the Green Knight; A.
Dalle macerie "fumanti" (Bettiza XIX) del libro esploso, dove la funzione catartica della katabasis ha consumato tutti i "residui del passato" (Le stelle fredde 675) riemerge l'io-bambino di Piovene; (27) e anche la scrittura si libera dalle tensioni centripete che l'avevano irretita e diventa intensamente poetica e allusiva: