Kate Millett

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Kate Millett
BirthplaceSt. Paul, Minnesota
NationalityUnited States

Millett, Kate

(Katharine Murray Millett), 1934–2017, American feminist author and activist, b. St. Paul, Minn., B.A. Univ. of Minn., 1956, M.A. Oxford, 1958, Ph.D. Columbia, 1968. Her pioneering feminist best seller, Sexual Politics (1970), was an influential study of patriarchal society through the lens of literature and a polemical dissection and condemnation of men's domination of women, which she viewed as the result of the influence of the family and other societal institutions. Subsequent books were often autobiographical: Flying (1974), on the difficulties caused by sudden fame and the diclosure of her bisexuality; Sita (1977), on her ill-starred romance with an older female colleague; The Loony Bin Trip (1990), on her confinement in mental institutions due to bipolar illness; A.D. (1995), a memoir of her aunt; and Mother Millett (2001), on her relationship with her mother. She also wrote The Basement: A True Story of Violence in an American Family (1979), Going to Iran (1982), and The Politics of Cruelty: An Essay on the Literature of Political Imprisonment (1990). Her first interest was sculpture, and she created scuptures and installations on social themes for many years; she also taught.
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Millett, (Katherine Murray) Kate

(1934–  ) writer, political activist, artist; born in St. Paul, Minn. Her Columbia University Ph.D. dissertation, published as Sexual Politics (1970), catapulted her to national prominence in the feminist movement. A professor, prolific author, and artist, she founded the Women's Art Colony Farm and exhibited her paintings internationally.
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Temas de los que habla la artista en cuestion junto con el tratamiento de lo "micro" como posicionamiento social, partiendo de la maxima "lo personal es politico" (Kate Millet, 2000), dando mas importancia a las emociones individuales que a la historia de los grandes discursos para explicar la historia del mundo.
I had spent one magical year here after college, living as a lodger in the Bowery loft of the feminist writer Kate Millet. I was here for the great blackout of 2003, when people poured joyously into the streets, and underwear parties broke out in bars.
Future coverage will not dare, of course, resemble the original media approach to women's complaints in the sixties, one which turned the courageous leaders of women's rights, women like Betty Friedan, Kate Millet, and Germaine Greer into ugly man-eating cartoon characters.
Kate Millet in her seminal work Sexual Politics argues that this system of domination of one collective group defined by birth over another collective group, also defined by birth is a power-game, a political manoeuvering more universal than any other form of oppression.
Tarrant connects Komarovsky's contributions to "gender discourse" by merely listing, but not drawing specific parallels between, her work and that of "Ti-Grace Atkinson, Shulamith Firestone, Kate Millet, Valerie Solanas, Juliet Mitchell, and others ..." (132).
In the words of the pop artist Robert Rauschenberg, "If the painting doesn't upset you, it probably wasn't a good painting to begin with." Among the unpleasant results" Damien Hirst's rotting cow heads, Zbigniew Libera's Lego Concentration Camp (it's just what it sounds like), and Kate Millet's The American Dream Goes to Pot--an American flag tucked into a toilet bowl.
by Sojourner Truth, Sexual Politics by Kate Millet, the Redstockings Manifesto, lyrics from "I Am Woman," Betty Friedan's The Feminine Mystique, George W.
You say both manly men and feminists are "nihilists." You got three whole chapters on the subject, and they boil down to sayin' it can be a good thing to be nihilist if you're a man like Teddy Roosevelt, but always a bad thing if you're a gal like Betty Friedan, Germaine Greer or Kate Millet because then it's "denying nature."
Scott Fitzgerald, Jill Johnston, Kate Millet, and James Joyce (where she homes in on the relationship between Leopold Bloom and Stephen Dedalus in Ulysses).
But in 1970 the attacks began with the publication of Kate Millet's Sexual Politics, and more recently he has been derided as a sexist, a misogynist, a colonialist, even a fascist.
Appearing live on Channel 4 chatshow After Dark in January 1991, Oliver swore at fellow guests, swigged wine from a half-pint glass and tumbled over a sofa to kiss feminist Kate Millet.
Kate Millet, Helen Levine, Vic George, David Gil, Shiela Rowbotham, R.D.