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(kätərē`nē), city (1991 pop. 45,281), capital of Piería prefecture, N Greece, in Macedonia. It is the commercial center for a productive tobacco-growing region. Salt and flour are also produced.



a city in Greece, in Macedonia; the administrative center of the Pieria Nome, near the Gulf of Salonika in the Aegean Sea. Population, 14, 000 (1971). Katerini is the center of an agricultural region. Agricultural raw materials and wood are processed in the city.

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He told how Nikos and Ben were based in the northern coastal town of Katerini - 350 miles from Kos - even giving a general description of the house where they were living.
Filippi, Veronique, Rasmane Ganaba, Rebecca F Baggaley, Tom Marshall, Katerini T Storeng, Issiaka Sombie, Fatoumata Ouattara, Thomas Ouedraogo, Melanie Akoum, and Nicolas Meda.
De hecho, el ejemplo del TEM fue copiado en otros lugares de Grecia, como la isla de Corfu, la localidad de Katerini, algunos suburbios de Atenas, la isla de Siros -donde la medida de valor de su moneda, el SANO, es una hora de trabajo--o la ciudad de Pairas, donde circula el obolo.
The Katerini table and four chairs set costs PS479.
We also lay claim to having the first ever Cypriot casino built in 1878, the 16th century Ayia Katerini church, the 12th century Ayia Paraskevi church and the village church was built with the funds provided by our most famous and influential resident in history, the dragoman Hadjigeorgaki Kornesio who died in 1804," said Charalambous.
Yes, it was nice that she would end up with Panait from the Greek village of Katerini, where she went on vacation every summer with her family and where they stayed in an old house near the cathedral that had apartments for rent.
The competition, held every four years, took place in Katerini, Greece.
Thanks to the health workers, women and families I interviewed in Nicaragua, and to Katerini Storeng, Sidsel Roalkvam, and Jagrati Jani-Bolstad for valuable comments.
KATERINI, Greece, Rabi'II 24, 1433, Mar 17, 2012, SPA -- The leader of a project that helps Greek farmers sell their food products directly to customers at bargain prices hopes to build a Europe-wide network that would bypass middlemen while benefiting local producers and consumers, AP reported.
Beyond Body Counts: A Qualitative Study of Lives and Loss in Burkina Faso after 'Near-Miss' Obstetric Complications," by Katerini Tagmatarchi Storeng et al.
The main research instrument was a 55-item questionnaire that was administered to members of NA and AA in the Greek cities of Athens, Thessaloniki, Serres, Nafplio, Iraklio, and Katerini.
Although his first European runner, Katerini, finished second in the Listed Prix Yacowlef at Deauville on her debut, Cacique did not sire his first winner in Britain until Dominant won at Goodwood last September.